*Before ratings for ABC’s “FlashForward” plummeted, the writers had planned to follow through on its pilot prophecy of killing off FBI agent Demetri Noh (John Cho), according to Gabrielle Union, who played Demetri’s fiancé, attorney Zoey Andata.

“Then I was supposed to avenge his death in Season 2 by representing defendants against the FBI whom I blamed for his death,” Union tells TV Guide.

But John’s popularity led the writers to keep him alive, thus limiting Zoey’s storyline to the point that she wasn’t even included in the series finale.

“Certain storylines got shortchanged,” shrugs Union, who blames the show’s cancellation on the difficulty of trying “to sell quantum physics when you have the Olympics going on.”

It’s onto the next one for Union, as she heads to South Carolina this month to play an outspoken asexual cop named Gina Holt on the Aug. 15 episode of Lifetime’s “Army Wives.”

As previously reported, the episode will double as a pilot for a possible 2011 spinoff starring her character along with recently divorced wife Pamela (Brigid Brannagh)

Union, whose mom is a real-life Army wife, says, “All the butts I wanted to kick on FlashForward and all of the bad guys I wanted to bring to justice, I’ll now get to do as this new character — but with a sense of humor. Gina views these Army wives as extra-terrestrials. She has no concept of breast-feeding, sore nipples or child care

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