I love the basement party! I listen every day on my way home from work and it is a great way to reduce the stress of work. Make no mistake, I love my job, but things can get very intense. Expanding the party to 7:00 would be great.

When will you be boosting your signal strength? Reception is excellent in my car, but in the house it is very difficult.


107.9 is the only radio station i listen to. You have my vote for old school until 7:00 p.m. I really miss those two hours of that music bring it back please!!!

RNB Philly Listen Live


I would love to listen to more old school when i am driving from work i myself have good drive home but need more time 2hours is good for me please tell your boss that i need that time bad Thankyou .from number1drive home fan.


Hey Lady B for you too have your radio show for only one hour is a great injustice to our city and your faithful listeners especially the ones like me who have been listening to you since the days you were on the AM dial. Lady B your a Philly radio living legend and I can’t believe the boss won’t give you another hour you should be the boss of that station anyway because what was your boss Elroy doing back when you was on AM he was probably working at McDonald’s or somewhere……….lol Just kidding but seriously he needs to reconsider and give you that extra hour because you deserve it Boo!



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