It would be cruel to acknowledge the awesomeness of Jeffrey Osborne without at least dedicating some time to the awesomeness of L.T.D.

L.T.D. actually stands for Love, Togetherness, and Devotion, not Lane Traffic District or Loads of Topless Dudes as their picture seems to indicate below…

Yeah weird right?

The group was formed in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1968, and according to online sources is still together. Currently, L.T.D. has 11 members, Jeffrey Osborne along with his brother Bill, are former members of the group. Originally, L.T.D. members Jimmy “J.D.” Davis, Carle Wayne Vickers, Arthur “Lorenzo” Carnegie, Jake Riley, and Abraham “Onion” Miller began working with each other as members of the 15 part ensemble: the Fantastic Soul Men Orchestra; however, they later formed their own band called Love Men Ltd.

This team of musicians pooled their funds together, bought a 56’ Chevy and drove to Big Apple (New York City Folks) hoping to catch their big break. While living in the heart of Spanish Harlem, Love Men Ltd. recruited baritone sax player Toby Wynn and later, while performing a show in Providence, Rhode Island, picked their MVP Jeffrey Osborne.

Fun Fact: Even though Jeffrey joined the group 1970 he didn’t become the official lead singer until Alvino Bennett replaced him on drums in 1978.

It wasn’t until settling in Los Angeles, California that Jeffrey’s brother, Billy Osborne, joined the group along with Celeste Cole, Henry E. Davis, and Robert Santiel. By 1974 Love Men Ltd.had caught the attention of A&M Record producers and signed a recording contract as the newly renamed group: L.T.D.

L.T.D. was a great group and even though the subject of my lesson is Jeffrey Osborne I feel I need to give the other members their due credit. A great band isn’t just one great man, it’s a BAND of great men…

Check out the video below of The Sam & Dave Show where the Fantastic Soul Men Orchestra got their start playing backup…

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