If you ladies have been going through withdrawals to get an opportunity to see the big and tall guy of Hollywood, wait no longer, he’s back and in full force! Boris Kodjoe is joined by lesser known counterpart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, as his chef wife. But, why’d I mention her anyway, you ladies won’t have time to pay her any attention. But the fellas will be please. Their new show on NBC this Fall, Uncercovers, will have something for everyone.

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It’s a Mr. and Mrs. Smith without the violence toward one another. The two are retired undercover agents Steven and Samantha Bloom and they are chefs. They have a lovely restaurant and are both willing to stay retired as long as the other doesn’t know the other one is coming back into the espionage game…or so they think. It looks like this one is going to excite and satisfy. There’s plenty of eye candy and storyline for all. Nicole Ari Parker is probably on set everyday making sure she protects her investment. She remembers how they met.

Check out the trailer:

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