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Alicia Keys’ intentions may have been good when she launched her “Digital Death” campaign, but it looks like the AIDS fundraising campaign is falling short of expectations.

Keys’ “Keep A Child Alive” foundation launched the campaign on World AIDS Day, December 1st, and enlisted several celebrities who “sacrificed” their digital lives by refusing to post on Twitter or Facebook until the foundation’s goal of $1 million was met.

As of press time on December 6th, the campaign has only raised $298,723.15, over $700,000 short of their goal.

Also, some participants in the program haven’t exactly logged off of their social media accounts.   Janelle Monae continued posting on December 2nd, though she eventually erased the tweets her “ghost” made.  Usher started posting updates on Twitter on December 6th, starting with a (read: late) birthday shout out to Rico Love, writer of his hit single “There Goes My Baby.”

The campaign’s website, BuyLife.org recently started requiring a $10 minimum donation, and is still accepting contributions.

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