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Well family its Friday which means my week of MC Lyte is coming to a close. BUT I do have some good news Old Skoolers, unlike Chaka Khan, MC Lyte made it on to Johnny Interns ipod playlist so now whenever I need to feel like a ruff neck I can just loosen up my timbos and bump with one of hip-hops first female MCs.

Considering the fact that it is black history month, I think acknowledging MC Lyte’s success as a black woman in a predominantly male industry (especially for the time) demonstrates a resilience and determination that we should all strive towards. Remember folks, Lyte came out when hip-hop was still becoming established (mostly by men), so forging her own style and voice among a sea of new artists not only took talent but more importantly, it took work; hard, consistent work.

So Johnny Intern after the hours you spent listening to MC Lyte, what is your favorite song?

Ooo a very good question. There are a number of songs that are great to listen to when you’re in the mood for some old skoole rap, like “Ruff Neck” of course, BUT as far as my favorite song, I would have to say its “Poor Georgie”. This song incorporates a ‘new jack swing’ sound and carries a very powerful message to its audience. What made me like this song even more is when I discovered it was a hit upon its release which means the message it carried was well received by a wide audience. I like to think that “Poor Georgie” helped some listeners get through a difficult time in there lives and that by releasing a song with such heart, MC Lyte helped people.

Thanks Old Skoolers for requesting MC Lyte for my assignment; i look forward to what you will have me listen to starting Monday.

One love family

Johnny Intern

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