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Enter the 80’s. It would be cliché for me to name all of the ridiculous things to come out of the 80’s, for some odd reason just because most of my generation was born in the 1980’s we feel we have the right to criticize it…eh no. We were born in the 80’s folks, we didn’t live in them; I don’t care how many John Hughes movies some 24 year old watches on VHS unless they saw them in the theaters opening night wearing a Members Only jacket I don’t want to hear your opinions and I hope you Old Skoolers would agree. Besides I’m not blogging about the pros and cons of the past; I’m blogging about the Chaka Khan of the past. I know it’s a horrible pun but her name is Chaka Khan Folks, even you had to wonder why she went from Yvette Marie Stevens to Chaka Khan when she first came out.

Anyway…Chaka Khan released two albums in 1981, one with Rufus and one by herself called What Cha’ Gonna Do for Me which didn’t really have any Earth-shattering songs on it. BUT just 2 years later, in 1983, Chaka releases a live album, Stompin’ at the Savoy- Live, featuring the hit single…wait for it, wait for it “AIN’T NOBODY” which was wildly successful even though AIN’T is not a word. Sadly following this release, Rufus separated for good…moment of silence please.

Dry your eyes Old Skoolers because you know what happens just a year later: God, through Chaka, gives you a gift…the gift of Khan’s 6th studio album, I Feel for You. You may ask, “but Johnny Intern, I don’t remember what songs were on this album” to which I say: “exit my blog now before I slap the old out of you”

The hit songs: “I Feel for You”, “This is my Night” and “Through the Fire” made this album a platinum hit. “Through the Fire” was also later sampled (ruined) by Kanye West in his song “Through the Wire” taking a song about love and transforming it into a song exaggerating the seriousness of a car accident. This was a stellar example of how new artists can ruin the work of past artists even when their mouths are wired shut…sorry Chaka; I hope the royalties soften the blow.

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